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Rainbow Six Siege Contest

For the next two weeks you can enter to win autographed sheet music from the orchestral recording of the song in Los Angeles. You can listen to the Rainbow Six Theme here, and read/ watch below to learn about the contest:

Contest Description:

Autographed Sheet Music - Rainbow Six Siege Invitational Theme. Enter for your chance to win autographed sheet music from the recording of the "Rainbow Six Siege Invitational Theme song!"

Danny Cocke autographed each of these right after the recording session in Los Angeles.

There will be SEVEN winners!

The following prizes will be awarded: - Autographed conductor's score, containing the entire piece - Autographed sheet music for Violas - Autographed sheet music for French Horns - Autographed sheet music for Violins - Autographed sheet music for Basses - Autographed sheet music for Cellos - Autographed sheet music for Taikos

Fun Fact: At the time of composing and recording the theme song it was code named "We Will Rise."

Here are more pictures of the prizes:

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