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SOLUS (Short Film) Directed by Andrew Will.

ALIEN HARVEST (Short Film) directed by Ben Howdeshell

THE LOST (Short Film) directed by Neil Paik

SHADOW (Short Film) directed by Ben Howdeshell

THE PROTOTYPE (Short Film) directed by Andrew WIll

GUARDING GRACE (Short Film) directed by Sean Kirkpatrick

PROJECT SERA (Short Films) directed by Ben Howdeshell

UNDERWORLD AWAKENING adntl programming for Paul Haslinger

DEATH RACE 2 additional programming for Paul Haslinger

DEVILS IN THE DETAILS directed by Waymon Boone


RAINBOW 6 SIEGE (ubisoft) menu music

RAINBOW 6 SIEGE INVITATIONAL (ubisoft) Live music for 2018-2019 Siege Invitational.

LAST YEAR THE NIGHTMARE (Elastic Games) Full game soundtrack

TITANFALL 2 (EA/Respawn) DLC Campaign

EVOLVE (2k Games) opening cinematic score


Titanfall 2, Call of Duty Modern Warfare,

Thief, The Amazing Spiderman, Uncharted, Witchunter, XCOM, HALO NightFall, Forzo Motorsport,  and many more.




X-Men Convenant, 21 Bridges, Hellboy, The Girl In The Spider's Web, DeadPool 2, Jurassic World, Halloween, The Predator, Skyscraper, Purge 4, The Darkest Hour, Gone, Tomb Raider, War For The Planet Of The Apes, Alien Covenant, Ghost In The Shell, Arrival, King Aurthur, Interstellar, Snowden, The Martian, Bridge Of Spies, The Avengers, Captain America, The Amazing Spiderman, and many more.

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